Our motto is, Sun Rays Properties – Luxury Living, Affordable Prices! Nothing says that more than our rental homes. We take special pride in creating beautiful living arrangements for our current and potential tenant. Our rentals are very affordable, and we can accommodate any budget! We even work with voucher programs in some cases. (subject to location and availability.)

We offer a wide range of homes including single family, duplexes and apartment living. We also have commercial and business spaces available.

If you are seeking a rental home or property please fill out the information form on our contact page and we will assist you in finding your new place, making your move easier and efficent!

We offer our clients the Sun Ray’s exclusive HOUSE MATCHING services. We can match you (Seller, Buyer, Company, Landlord, Tenant, Wholesaler) with the right house, building or contract. If you need help finding the perfect home or business location, we can help with your search. We have a wide range of properties available nationwide. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can still assist you in your search. We have teamed up with many landlords, sellers and companies to offer our clients the widest variety of places to rent, lease or buy! Simply go to out payments page, make your $25 deposit and you will be on your way to finding your next home or business!

Sun Rays Properties – Luxury Living, Affordable Prices!